When I was little, I used to take our family photo album down from the shelf and flip straight to pictures of my parents' wedding day. I don't know how long I would spend staring at my mother in her long white dress, but I remember how beautiful she looked, and I hoped I would grow up to be just like her. That memory is never far from my mind when I'm photographing weddings. Each wedding is a link in a chain of family stories and traditions, and each photograph is a window into a moment, which, once captured, can be discovered and rediscovered by future generations. 

In my experience, photography is at its most exhilarating when it's done on the fly. My background is in street photography- I love spotting an individual in a crowd, or a spark of connection between strangers. I see wedding photography in much the same way. I always stay on the look out for the glances shared between two people in love when they think no one is looking, and the spontaneous moments between family and friends which make each celebration unique. No two couples or families are alike, and I always make sure my photography reflects that. Nothing is quite as satisfying as looking back on photos which capture all the lovely details of the day. 

While I am based in Brooklyn, New York, I have lived all over the world, and have shot weddings from Colombia to the South of France. I am always ready to pick and go, so traveling for work is never a problem.  I consider it a privilege to be a part of these moments, and am happy to work with each couple to meet their particular needs. Please reach out and tell me about your vision for your big day! 

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